Mattel Games site redesign



UI/UX, Web Design

The Challenge: To create a new branded commerce experience, using the newly implemented Drupal CMS platform. Working with the senior producer, we discussed major features, related content and other requirements for the Mattel Games experience.

Goals: As a retailer, we wanted to showcase all game lines produced by Mattel and their subsidiaries. Another goal we had in mind was that the site needed to be modular and easy for producers to manage and update the content. On the consumer side, it was important for users to learn about the latest Mattel games and be able to find related content such as tutorials, FAQs, and downloadable content.

Roles and Process: I started with a competitive analysis of e-commerce sites as well as entertainment sites for children. After gathering requirements from the brand team, I began initial user flows and wireframes.

Tools Used: Photoshop, Illustrator, Balsamiq, Invision