About Me


Hi! I’m Krystle Swaving, a visual designer based in Los Angeles.

Growing up in the entertainment capital of the world, I somehow gravitated toward positions at various studios and entertainment retail distributors. My first internship landed me in the Paramount Digital Team department, creating avatars and updating photo galleries for the Startrek.com site. From that moment on, I grew to embrace the digital space – designing for clients such as Disney, FXNetworks, Fandango, and so much more.

No matter how small or large the products I work on in the digital space, I always create an opportunity tell a story and bring delight to the users.

When I’m not noodling and doodling in front of a computer, I enjoy checking out all that LA has to offer.

My interests include, but are not limited to:

Interested in knowing more about me? Drop me a line and say hello or check out my resume.